Significado de essentialist en en inglés


nombre & adjetivo


See essentialism

‘There's a very prevalent, if essentialist, argument that if you burrow deep down inside yourself then you will discover your true identity whether it lies back in the hills of Wales or in the plains of Ethiopia.’
  • ‘I am not an essentialist who believes that people's behavior can be explained by some essential cultural or DNA trait.’
  • ‘Far from being eternally fixed in some essentialist past, identities are subject to the continuous interactions of history, culture and power.’
  • ‘This is an essentialist way of looking at racism.’
  • ‘As patterns of DNA code replace external traits as objects of study, essentialist projects might become even more insidious.’
  • ‘Those who believe motherhood to be the unchangeable essence of the female are known as essentialists.’