Meaning of Essex girl in English:

Essex girl


informal, derogatory British
  • A brash, materialistic young woman of a type supposedly found in Essex or surrounding areas in the south-east of England.

    • ‘What mattered to Essex girls was the kind of vehicle you drove.’
    • ‘His female equivalent—Essex Girl—was the butt of jokes too obscene to be published here.’
    • ‘An Essex girl goes to the council to register for child benefit.’
    • ‘Next time you're under the weather, just remember the case of the Essex girl who complained to her doctor of being hurt all over.’
    • ‘New British creatures appear from research surveys and style pages all the time: white van man, ladettes, Essex girls.’
    • ‘Essex's cultural identity may be multi-dimensional and diverse—not a cardboard cut-out of the Essex girl.’
    • ‘And I thought Essex girls were dumb!’
    • ‘And in retrospect, Beverly was the first theatrical embodiment of an Essex Girl, a phenomenon that flowered more than a decade later.’
    • ‘How do you get an Essex girl's eyes to light up?’
    • ‘She said today: "I saw David Beckham, who was being made an OBE, and introduced myself to him as an Essex girl!"’
    • ‘She sashays into Weatherfield as a typical Essex girl—upfront, oozing confidence and with bags of glamour.’
    • ‘He laughed and I said, 'You see you think I'm quite funny for a Essex girl don't you?'’
    • ‘She is a sardonic Essex girl with a sharp nose and a quick wit, sophisticated but essentially wholesome.’
    • ‘The Essex girl moves to New York in search of love and the music matches her changing moods as she moves between ecstasy and despair.’
    • ‘On certain Greek islands you cannot move for Essex girls in foam-proof thongs gyrating to the Birdie Song.’
    • ‘All Essex girls love to dance.’
    • ‘I'm an Essex girl and proud of it.’
    • ‘Essex is such a diverse region it is a bit unfair pick on one element and put the label of 'Essex girl' on every woman in the county.’