Main meanings of est in English

: est1EST2


Pronunciation /ɛst/

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mass noun
  • A system for self-improvement aimed at developing a person's potential through intensive group awareness and training sessions.

    ‘I have never attended a session of either est or Landmark but from what I can gather from those who have, the experience is not likely to be dull.’
    • ‘The new objects of mass consciousness are not marches and peace signs, but things like est, gestalt, smorgasbord, hypnotism, tai chi, health food etc, etc.’
    • ‘Many people apparently find that their lives are better after they get involved in est, NLP, Landmark Forum, or Scientology.’
    • ‘Through est they would be set free and born again!’
    • ‘NLP and est also have in common the fact that they are built up from a hodgepodge of sources in psychology, philosophy, and other disciplines.’


1970s (originally US): acronym from Erhard Seminars Training, from the name of Werner Erhard (born 1935), the American businessman who devised the technique.

Main meanings of EST in English

: est1EST2


Pronunciation /ˌiːɛsˈtiː/

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