Meaning of et al. in English:

et al.

Pronunciation /ɛt ˈal/

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  • And others (used especially in referring to academic books or articles that have more than one author)

    ‘the conclusions of Gardner et al’
    • ‘Nonetheless, James Hansen et al. very much believe the goal is achievable if we act quickly and focus on all greenhouse gases, not just carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Also, it goes beyond mere descriptions and includes process patterns based on the work by Wil van der Aalst et al.’
    and so on, and so forth, and so on and so forth, and the rest, and the like, or the like, and suchlike, or suchlike, and more of the same, or more of the same, and similar things, or similar things, et cetera et cetera, and others, among others, et al., etc.


From Latin et alii.