Meaning of eternal triangle in English:

eternal triangle

Pronunciation /ɪˌtəːn(ə)l ˈtrʌɪaŋɡl/


  • see triangle (sense 2 of the noun)

    ‘Clearly Hare's aim is to offer more than a few elegant variations on the eternal triangle.’
    • ‘The eternal triangle can endlessly renew itself, placing new people into the same deadly relationships.’
    • ‘It is a sort of a menage a trois, or another twist on the eternal triangle.’
    • ‘Some years ago, I witnessed a glorious soap opera in my balcony, the eternal triangle being the usual cause of it all.’
    • ‘Come As You Are was a series of four short plays united by the theme of the eternal triangle.’
    • ‘Barbara gets a little taste of karmic justice, as the eternal triangle becomes a quadrilateral.’
    • ‘The writer, the reader and the book form an eternal triangle with the book acting as the go-between.’
    • ‘Not so much the eternal triangle, more the infernal quintuplet.’
    • ‘Her actions and reactions to the eternal triangle, which developed between Mickey, Eddie and herself, were played with sensitivity.’
    • ‘Math plays no other role in the film (unless you include the eternal triangle).’
    • ‘And matters are further complicated by Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny whose love for Christine is reciprocated, so adding the eternal triangle to the equation.’
    • ‘However, equity cannot be kept in abeyance until this balance is brought about in this eternal triangle.’
    • ‘The eternal triangle, so often the diabolical shape at the centre of a murder plot.’
    • ‘A comedy set in the Vienna Prater of the 1860s, and involving an eternal triangle between a hussar, his high-born fiancée, and his former mistress, a street dancer.’
    • ‘The eternal triangle of Baby Doe and Horace and Augusta Tabor was brought to vivid life by Joanna Mongiardo, Timothy Noble and Joyce Castle.’
    • ‘Penelope told her: " It's the eternal triangle Margie, but I don't think there is any sex in it.’
    • ‘When the pantomime is over a slide show is organised by Leonard which has, unbeknown to him, been doctored with incriminating slides which would affect the original eternal triangle.’
    • ‘Playright Sridhar's directorial debut, the film looks at the eternal triangle and unrequited love, a motif common in Sridhar's films.’
    • ‘To make an eternal triangle enter the story, both Sunalini and Bhageerathi meet and fall for a young man, Chandrayya.’
    • ‘Bellini's Norma deals with the eternal triangle formed by a high priestess of the druidical temple, a virgin of the temple, and a Roman Pro-Consul.’