Meaning of ethically in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛθɪkli/

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  • 1In a way that relates to moral principles.

    ‘to be spiritual may be interpreted both ethically and religiously’
    • ‘MPs accused of ethically questionable behaviour’
    • ‘Such research is ethically challenging because critically ill patients usually are unable to consent for research participation.’
    • ‘Some people believe that data mining itself is ethically neutral.’
    • ‘There is a very real danger that without parliamentary scrutiny or a proper regulatory regime, this legislation will permit medical technology to continue to race way ahead into uncharted and ethically troubling territory.’
    • ‘Their ethically dubious research had enhanced — rather than diminished — their professional careers.’
    • ‘My personal position is that animal testing is ethically suspect in all cases.’
    • ‘"Presumed uninformed consent is ethically unacceptable," Dr Randall said.’
    • ‘Administering a placebo is an act of deception that is ethically problematic.’
    • ‘She says the activists involved in the action are morally and ethically bankrupt.’
    • ‘Law enforcement officials are ethically obliged once presented with evidence of a material breach in the law to pursue the case.’
    • ‘We are ethically obligated to report signs of possible dementia in our patients.’
    1. 1.1In a morally good or correct manner.
      ‘we will act ethically in our relations with the public’
      • ‘These creatures may be so similar to ourselves that making them the subjects of biomedical experimentation may be difficult to justify ethically.’
      • ‘The authors stress the need for nurses to act as patient advocates by determining whether research has been conducted ethically.’
      • ‘The management of our natural resources should be conducted ethically, humanely, and rationally.’
      • ‘The law school stresses to its students the importance of behaving ethically, morally and professionally.’
      • ‘We are committed to behaving ethically; responding to customer needs in a timely and reasonable manner; and operating without inefficient hierarchy and bureaucracy.’
      • ‘Many consumers would be happy to buy from a supplier who they knew acted ethically in the manner in which the cattle were raised and slaughtered.’
      • ‘Attempts have been made to ensure that adopters are suitable carers and that those arranging adoptions act ethically.’
      • ‘The real debate now centres on how businesses can demonstrate that they are operating ethically to win over the doubters.’
      • ‘I think there are certain business practices that managed care organizations can't ethically adopt.’
      • ‘We are working in conjunction with other countries to ethically recruit staff.’
    2. 1.2In a way that avoids activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment.
      ‘she was keen to see her money invested ethically’
      • ‘ethically produced T-shirts’
      • ‘A school that buys healthy, ethically sourced food can improve pupils' understanding of food and where it comes from, protect the environment, and support local producers and suppliers.’
      • ‘This is by far the largest brand to switch to the ethically sourced raw materials.’
      • ‘Campaigners have been doing their bit to help show that you don't have to sacrifice quality in order to shop ethically.’
      • ‘Millions of people are deciding to shop ethically and shop less.’
      • ‘It doesn't cost more to invest ethically and there could be better returns.’
      • ‘"We aim to provide investors with the potential for medium capital appreciation through a balanced portfolio of global equities taken from an index of ethically screened stocks," said Power.’