Meaning of ethicize in English:


(British ethicise)


[with object]
  • Make (something) ethical.

    ‘ethicizing the struggle’
    • ‘It had at its disposal a critical vocabulary so ethicized that it could endow its whims of judgment with an air of total authority.’
    • ‘By naturalizing Ethics the school of Herbert Spencer reverses the idealizing process which rather ethicizes nature.’
    • ‘The holy will has only desires that accord with the moral law, and, hence, in seeking this ideal or archetype, the human agent must ethicize his desires.’
    • ‘The very title of his book was indicative of its intent not to ethicize the problem, but to treat it in a broader context.’
    • ‘Ruskin did not altogether fail to indicate how this concern to ethicize manufacture and exchange can go in an egalitarian direction.’
    pontificate, sermonize, philosophize, lecture, preach