Meaning of ethnarch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛθnɑːk/


  • The ruler of a nation or people.

    ‘the ethnarch of Judea’
    • ‘For supporting Julius Caesar they were rewarded well: Hyrcanus was made ethnarch as well as High Priest and Antipater was made procurator of Judea.’
    • ‘In lieu thereof, he created him ethnarch, and as such permitted him to govern nine years.’
    • ‘The ethnarch would understand the danger represented by the rebellious sect.’
    • ‘He was now virtually the ethnarch of all Armenians in the diaspora, but found time to write some 21 books and articles.’
    • ‘The king's ethnarch, Orybas, likes people who work and pay taxes.’
    leader, sovereign, monarch, potentate, crowned head, head of state


Mid 17th century from Greek ethnarkhēs, from ethnos ‘nation’ + arkhēs ‘ruling’.