Meaning of ethnohistory in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛθnəʊˈhɪst(ə)ri/


mass noun
  • The branch of anthropology concerned with the history of peoples and cultures, especially non-Western ones.

    ‘experts on Minoan ethnohistory’
    • ‘It is an ethnographic study of a specific regional, supra-ethnic and transcultural phenomenon of the Guyana Highlands, situated in the context of ethnohistory and modernisation.’
    • ‘He is an Andean scholar whose studies meld ethnography, ethnohistory and ethnoscience.’
    • ‘For example, he recounts his own scholarship in ethnohistory - the marriage of anthropology and history - as a way of showing how a number of scholars have crossed disciplinary boundaries to study interesting questions.’
    • ‘From an academic standpoint, his work marks a turning point in Monacan archaeology and the overall understanding of Monacan ethnohistory.’
    • ‘Any detailed knowledge we have about which sex did what comes from ethnohistory and ethnography, not from archaeology.’
    • ‘My MA was in the same kind of anthropology, although my thesis focussed on Andean archaeology and ethnohistory.’
    • ‘As might be expected from one of the doyens of ethnohistory, his notes embrace anthropological, bioarchaeological, and cultural references, as well as references to conventional history sources.’
    • ‘Historians certainly recognized a good thing when they saw it, borrowing both the expression ‘historical anthropology’ and the approach from anthropologists, for many of whom it was synonymous with ethnohistory.’
    • ‘As a result, it represents a major contribution to the historiography of revolutionary state formation and ethnohistory in Mexico.’
    • ‘My specialisation was Andean archaeology and ethnohistory - a field very strongly influenced by processual, or empirical and positivist methods and theories.’
    • ‘To appreciate the subtleties of these exchanges the historian needs patience, an open mind and a mastery of disciplines that range from traditional philology to cutting-edge ethnohistory.’
    • ‘What my arguments are intended to suggest is that ethnohistory, of the rich sort embraced by O'Brien, is an iterative process enriched by many voices and perspectives.’
    • ‘Our results constructed a good story about the unique ethnohistory of the Hui.’
    • ‘Over 100 publications describe the ethnohistory, migration patterns, genealogical reconstruction, biological trait measurements, disease prevalence, and environmental and sociocultural characteristics of this population.’
    • ‘Claudio Saunt has written a thought-provoking ethnohistory of the Creek Indians focusing on the three decades following the American Revolution.’
    • ‘All and all, this book both contributes to the ethnohistory of a critical period for Inuit and contains material critical to the understanding of contemporary Nunavut.’
    • ‘This book is a substantial contribution to the ethnohistory of the Brazilian Indians as well as to the ongoing debate in Brazil about the social policy on Indians.’