Meaning of ethnomusicological in English:



See ethnomusicology

  • ‘In modern ethnomusicological practice, however, more precise methods of recording and transcribing non-Western music have been developed.’
  • ‘His first spell of ethnomusicological fieldwork was in 1973, in the Kulu valley in North India: the following year he began a PhD at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, specialising in Japanese music.’
  • ‘This is a new addition to an extensive collection of excellent ethnomusicological materials generated under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution.’
  • ‘Later, he recorded much Berber folk-music, and in 1959 received a Rockefeller grant for ethnomusicological research.’
  • ‘In addition to his academic folklore works, he also published linguistic and ethnomusicological studies, as well as reviews and even witty cultural prose.’