Meaning of ethylene oxide in English:

ethylene oxide


mass nounChemistry
  • A flammable toxic gas used as an intermediate and fumigant.

    An epoxide; chemical formula: (CH₂)₂O

    ‘The process produces such key industrial chemicals as ethylene oxide, the simplest epoxide.’
    • ‘For example, ethylene gas can be treated with oxygen to form ethylene oxide.’
    • ‘An environmental pollutant and known mutagen and carcinogen in experimental animals and in humans, ethylene oxide is a widely used industrial chemical and sterilant of medical equipment.’
    • ‘Sterilization systems employing steam and ethylene oxide are marketed to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions.’
    • ‘A life cycle analysis includes considering the environmental and health effects from ethylene oxide on hospital workers, the hospital environment, and the environment as a whole.’