Meaning of euchologion in English:


Pronunciation /juːkəˈləʊdʒɪən/


(also euchology)
  • A book of prayers used in the Orthodox Church.

    ‘several manuscript examples of the Greek Euchologion are preserved in the Vatican library’
    • ‘Our present purpose is to inform you that the work of correcting the Greek Euchologion is now completed.’
    • ‘The newly corrected edition of the Euchologion has treated the matter in just this way.’
    • ‘For it seemed best to add in this manner such matter as was missed in the text of the Euchologion itself.’
    • ‘But the Euchologion contains prayers to be said by the priest on this occasion as part of the whole ritual of the ceremony surrounding childbirth.’
    • ‘By keeping to this method the correction of the Euchologion was completed and the new edition of it was printed in 1754.’
    service book


Mid 17th century from Greek eukhologion, from eukhē ‘prayer’.