Meaning of Euler's formula in English:

Euler's formula


  • The geometrical formula V − E + F = 2, where V, E, and F are the numbers of vertices, edges, and faces of any simple convex polyhedron or of an equivalent topological graph.

    ‘Mathematicians were forced to consider the question of what constitutes a hole in a solid and what that has to do with Euler's formula for polyhedra.’
    • ‘Another successful project that has been made using puppetry is explaining Euler's formula for platonic solids.’
    • ‘We can use equations and together now to expand Euler's formula in a different way, replacing all the Fibonacci numbers by Lucas numbers.’
    • ‘These data were analyzed and, as a result, the students discovered Euler's formula (number of faces plus number of vertices minus 2 equals number of edges).’
    • ‘Now let's use Euler's formula to figure out how many faces there are.’