Meaning of euphonic in English:


Pronunciation /juːˈfɒnɪk/


See euphony

‘It makes me worry about the translations of Anglo-Saxon poems which he includes, for as I am ignorant of that language I depend upon him to be accurate if not euphonic.’
  • ‘Nor is euphonic language the ultimate criterion for a Constitution.’
  • ‘Although opener ‘Pressure Drop’ begins with a hint of sparky, Sea and Cake-style discordance, it blooms into a gloriously euphonic chorus of ringing guitars and viola swoops spread lavishly with Archer's bedhead vocals.’
  • ‘Other euphonic nuggets such as ‘Sign Lily Sign’ and ‘She's a Nut’ serve as equivocal eardrum delight.’
  • ‘Both of my sisters changed their names on marriage, their husbands having much more euphonic surnames, even although the younger one emerged from the womb reading The Female Eunuch.’