Meaning of euploid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːplɔɪd/


  • Having an equal number of all the chromosomes of the haploid set.

    ‘The pilot study shows that in vitro grown and matured oocytes from preantral follicles that progress to metaphase II possess euploid numbers of chromosomes.’
    • ‘When colonies are formed, the resulting cells tend to have euploid genomes derived from the aneuploid state by chromosome loss.’
    • ‘Aneuploid pollen grains compete poorly with euploid pollen and so aneuploidies are eliminated when propagated through the male.’
    • ‘Within both groups, many plants possessed a genome content that deviated from the euploid parents by at least the approximate size of one chromosome.’
    • ‘First, of the population of tetraploid cells that enter stationary phase, both euploid and aneuploid members can be rescued by starvation in water.’


Early 20th century from eu-+ -oid as in diploid, haploid.