Meaning of Eurotrash in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjʊərə(ʊ)traʃ/


mass noun informal
  • Rich European socialites, especially those living or working in the United States.

    • ‘you saw the same people at every soirée—the old money, the new money, the Eurotrash’
    • ‘a Eurotrash cafe in Beverly Hills’
    • ‘Americans have come to think of Europeans as largely Eurotrash (a hyperavaricious subset of the hyperavaricious).’
    • ‘This is especially a problem in New York, which tends to attract great musicians the way the Whitney attracts Eurotrash, and where close quarters, small apartments and thin walls conspire to make even faint sounds unexpectedly audible.’
    • ‘You know, the late '90s British act that embraced brassy Eurotrash more than their peers' guitar riffs, in the spirit of bands like Saint Etienne?’
    • ‘Sleek Austrian counts, Eurotrash buried in fur coats, the occasional A-list celebrity… they're all here, especially over New Year.’
    • ‘He could still yet become this - if he avoids this kind of nonsense in the future, and steers well clear of sleazy Eurotrash like her.’
    • ‘And my brother is calling me Eurotrash, rather than my real name.’
    • ‘The crown prince of Denmark comes to America disguised as womanizing Eurotrash.’
    • ‘Edvard, used to having all manner of Eurotrash at his beck and call, is flabbergasted!’
    • ‘In the grand tradition of Scandinavian rock bands, the they forever teeter on the edge of Eurotrash.’