Meaning of Euskara in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːskərə/


mass noun
  • The Basque language.

    ‘Which is why, although his lyrics are primarily in the Basque language Euskara, his band Dub Manifest's tunes draw on reggae, dub, rock, rap and anything else he can get his hands on - and chock-full of fiery but informed rhetoric.’
    • ‘The Basque language, Euskara (also spelled Euskera) has ancient origins that have remained obscure.’
    • ‘It may be useful to note that there are 6.5 million active speakers of Catalan, 580,000 speakers of Euskara, and 3 to 4 million speakers of Galego (Galician). 10,000 people use Irish as their principal spoken language.’
    • ‘In Euskara, the language of the Basques and one of the oldest oldest European languages, these towns are called Donosti and Pasaia but in the more familiar Castilian they are better known as San Sebastian and Pasajes San Pedro.’
    • ‘They've got their own language, Euskara, and anyone who doesn't speak it is technically not a Basque.’


The name in Basque.