Meaning of Eutheria in English:


Pronunciation /juːˈθɪərɪə/

plural noun

  • A major group of mammals that comprises the placentals.

    Compare with Metatheria

    Infraclass Eutheria, subclass Theria

    ‘On the other hand, molecular data sets tend to support the sister-group relationship of Carnivora and Pholidota, usually with Xenarthra as basal for Eutheria.’
    • ‘Yet the teeth of deltatheroidans are of remarkably primitive construction; if they are related to marsupials, an extremely early divergence of Metatheria and Eutheria is implied.’
    • ‘Previous paleontological and molecular evidence has indicated that cetaceans and artiodactyls constitute a natural clade within the subclass Eutheria.’
    • ‘They either sequenced this fragment or obtained published sequences for a wide variety of mammals, covering almost all traditional orders of the Eutheria.’
    • ‘Phylogenetic analyses of large mitochondrial data sets support an early divergence of the hedgehog lineage from the rest of Eutheria.’


Modern Latin (plural), from eu-‘well, prospering’ + Greek thērion ‘wild beast’.