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Pronunciation /ˌiːvanˈdʒɛlɪkl/

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  • 1Of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion.

    ‘A number of attempts have been made to explain the hostility to religious and especially to evangelical Christian beliefs.’
    • ‘However, in Eastern Europe since the end of the communist regimes Catholic, Orthodox, and evangelical religion, as well as new religious sects, have witnessed a remarkable revival.’
    • ‘Religion Watch is a useful newsletter that patrols the latest things in American, mainly evangelical, religion.’
    • ‘Problems arise, however, when evangelicals and evangelical theology limit the gospel's view of salvation.’
    • ‘Other evangelical scholars are also teaching and writing on this subject.’
    • ‘In the judgment of this reviewer, the absence at times leaves the work looking a bit more like a dictionary of education than an evangelical dictionary of Christian education.’
    • ‘The emotions had no part in this, and neither did the central authority of the evangelical tradition, Scripture.’
    • ‘As a general rule, the teaching of preaching will probably be of greater importance in seminaries where the mission emphasis is evangelical or doctrinal in nature.’
    scriptural, biblical, Bible-believing, fundamentalist, orthodox
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    1. 1.1Of or denoting a tradition within Protestant Christianity emphasizing the authority of the Bible, personal conversion, and the doctrine of salvation by faith in the Atonement.
      ‘In recent decades, evangelical Protestant missionaries have converted many in Ecuador, especially in the countryside and urban slums.’
      • ‘It is common in evangelical Protestant circles for converts to witness to their faith by recounting their experience of conversion.’
      • ‘An increasingly common structural problem for community management in the Lower Amazon is related to the spread of Protestant evangelical faiths.’
      • ‘Glasgow as a whole gained a reputation as the model of a Christian city in action - as a city which instituted social reform within a respected Protestant evangelical framework.’
      • ‘Countries such as Brazil, Chile, and Guatemala have a strong evangelical and Protestant tradition.’
      • ‘I have spent most of my life, including my academic life, within the evangelical Protestant community.’
      • ‘The conversion of residents to Christianity occurred after the London Missionary School sent evangelical Protestant missionaries to Tahiti in 1797.’
      • ‘But within Pristina there are three Protestant - broadly evangelical - churches.’
      • ‘The authors describe three different camps within CCM, which correspond to divisions within evangelical Christianity.’
      • ‘But that kind of clarification of my understanding of biblical teaching for evangelical groups has usually been a preface to a plea for sexual humility.’
      • ‘Nothing now could hold John Wesley back from his God-given call to preach the evangelical gospel.’
      • ‘It was the glory of the evangelical gospel, but no longer can you make that assumption.’
      • ‘For whom did the editors think Jesus wanted evangelical Christians to vote?’
      • ‘The question of whether innovation belongs in religion is at the heart of the debate in many evangelical churches over Christian contemporary music.’
      • ‘My mother was an evangelical Christian, a fundamentalist.’
      • ‘Today five of his eight brothers are evangelical Christians, as are both his sisters.’
      • ‘Christians, even evangelical fundamentalists, are not all beyond hope.’
      • ‘Even fundamentalist evangelical Christians don't agree on what's going on.’
      • ‘On the other hand, thousands of evangelical Christians, spiritualists and Swedenborgians continued to affirm that they had literally heard God's voice.’
      evangelistic, evangelizing, missionary, crusading, propagandist, propagandizing, converting, proselytizing, televangelical
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    2. 1.2Zealous in advocating or supporting a particular cause.
      ‘she was evangelical about organic farming’
      • ‘I started off implacably opposed to this and now I am almost evangelical in my support.’
      • ‘I get coffee and they get evangelical support from me and everyone I can convince to drink their coffee.’
      • ‘Whilst the advocates of quality and empowerment are almost evangelical in their quest to change the way we work those on the receiving end are considerably more sceptical.’


  • A member of the evangelical tradition in the Christian Church.

    ‘Its success also contributed to bitter divisions between the high church or catholic grouping and the low church or evangelicals.’
    • ‘Now, evangelicals have filled churches with a gospel that lacks a call to repentance.’
    • ‘These gatherings are a major event for professed evangelicals in the Church of England.’
    • ‘It also gave a first-hand account of the priorities of conservative evangelicals within the Anglican Communion.’
    • ‘There are a lot of recovering evangelicals at the church, and many of them are friends from Bethel College.’
    • ‘It is sad that evangelicals have often despised the theology of the confessing churches.’
    • ‘Why evangelicals should object to confessions of faith I am at a loss to understand.’
    • ‘Such statements bear the mark of a wan hope that evangelicals and Pentecostals should be other than who they are.’
    • ‘Do you believe that evangelicals should strive to reach unreached peoples with the gospel?’
    • ‘At the same time, such acknowledgment raises a problem for both evangelicals and Catholics.’
    • ‘It's interesting that now he is considered to be a leader by both evangelicals and Catholics.’
    • ‘The arena on which evangelicals and Catholics meet is certainly global in scope.’
    • ‘Not all Catholics are conservative on the social issues that matter to evangelicals.’
    • ‘We're both evangelicals, and this therefore shouldn't be an issue that divides the church.’
    • ‘Most evangelicals will respond to this basic thesis with hesitation, if only because of its novelty.’
    • ‘The contributors make the moves one expects from conservative evangelicals.’
    • ‘The sad truth is that many evangelicals had no problems with what was said.’
    • ‘The world mocks us evangelicals for saying we harangue men when we tell them they must go to Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘When it comes to the life of the mind, in other words, we evangelicals continue to have our problems.’
    • ‘In one sense, the priority of the Word among evangelicals may be its most distinctive trait.’


Mid 16th century via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek euangelikos, from euangelos (see evangel).