Meaning of even-aged in English:



  • (of woodland) composed of trees of approximately the same age.

    ‘The debate on the rule holds a great deal of interest in plant population dynamics and management of even-aged forest stands, because of its theoretical significance and demonstrated practical implications.’
    • ‘The panel was very critical of clear cutting as practiced in BC, noting that this harvesting method creates even-aged forests that are significantly different than forests disturbed through natural forces.’
    • ‘In contrast, shade-intolerant overstory trees often grow quickly, forming a closed canopy or uniform height, and occur as a bell-shaped distribution characteristic of a maturing even-aged population of trees.’
    • ‘The OSG plot was located within a relatively even-aged tract of approximately 20 to 25 ha bordered by oldgrowth forest and younger second growth.’
    • ‘Due to the prevalence of even-aged stands, today's Ozarks offer a unresisting feast for erupting insects.’