Meaning of evening paper in English:

evening paper


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  • A newspaper published after about midday.

    ‘A Madurai court has taken exception to obscene pictures published in a Tamil evening paper and issued summons to the two actresses to appear before the court.’
    • ‘I ended up as a political reporter on an evening paper.’
    • ‘The headlines in the evening paper could have been, ‘Sergeant Crushed by Wing,’ or ‘Senator Dies in Guard Crash.’’
    • ‘So Aberdee has the couthiest radio station in the history of twee, a nuclear waste reprocessing plant and a publishing house which produces a stooge-like evening paper and several comics, one of which features a boy who sits on a bucket.’
    • ‘And I forgot all about John Mountain until, glancing at a restaurant review in a local evening paper, I saw his name.’
    • ‘And so we come to the last happy hour of the day, when I relax with another glass of wine, the evening paper and the television news.’
    • ‘I first got to know him through working for the evening paper in Preston where I did a column with him and my dad was flabbergasted when he found out.’
    • ‘I got back to my digs really excited but then I picked up the evening paper and read that Bond was going to stop me from going.’
    • ‘In August, when anyone with sense legs it out of London, the few remaining staff at a certain evening paper are left scrabbling for something - anything - that will pass as news.’
    • ‘I am so lucky because I have loads of it and think nothing of buying an evening paper, even when I haven't finished the morning one, or ordering a cappuccino when I know a cup of tea is miles cheaper.’
    • ‘The local evening paper (which sells about 35,000 copies each night) has also accepted articles from us on both topics.’
    • ‘Dave, her boyfriend, was continuing his study of the evening paper, every now and then emitting a grunt of surprise.’
    • ‘The London evening paper thinks it's a national paper, while the national papers think they just cover London.’
    • ‘There was an ad in the evening paper about how this chap had found a memory-training manual on a train, and it had changed his life.’
    • ‘There's few things sadder than when London's sad excuse for an evening paper launches one of its campaigns.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the next day I bought a copy of the evening paper… just to have a look.’
    • ‘Inside, a scruffy man in a green bomber jacket was reading the evening paper.’
    • ‘The second came about through regularly perusing the angling column of my local evening paper.’
    • ‘London looks set to receive a new evening paper soon, and a free one at that.’
    • ‘On an evening paper, you start every day with not a lot and you finish with a product that is out on the street.’