Meaning of event horizon in English:

event horizon


  • 1Astronomy
    A notional boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.

    ‘This causes space-time in their vicinity to be literally dragged around them in a gravitational vortex, forming a region around their event horizon called the ergosphere, in which it would be impossible to stand still.’
    • ‘Something at the event horizon of this black hole was trying to escape.’
    • ‘They say that once you cross the event horizon of a black hole there's no escape - but that just sounds like loser talk to me.’
    • ‘An accretion disk forms as matter accelerates toward the event horizon of the black hole.’
    • ‘The event horizon is where light loses the ability to escape from the black hole.’
    1. 1.1A point of no return.
      ‘we're nearing the event horizon of the presidential election’
      • ‘Gosh only knows how, but alcohol was consumed and the event horizon of my return to Cambridge kept receding.’
      • ‘There's no threshold to reach, event horizon to cross, or moment of novelty to await.’
      • ‘Probes pushed down her throat were destroyed without returning any useful information, as if there were some kind of event horizon just past whatever served her as vocal cords.’
      • ‘Then there the half dozen or so novels that constantly threaten genius without ever actually crossing that weird event horizon that demarcates the truly great, from the merely talented.’
      • ‘Whereas Adam's sin closed the event horizon to the heavenly dimension for mankind, the forgiveness of sin opens this event horizon.’
      • ‘Striking below an opponent's event horizon is a sound tactical strategy, and a concept that underlies all of our training.’
      • ‘With the bending of time around the event horizon of advanced capitalism, does change itself disappear?’
      • ‘It's so geeky that it collapses into a geek singularity and falls behind the geek event horizon.’
      • ‘However, while this black memory hole is expanding cancerously out from Washington, its event horizon is in New York, at the United Nations, where people seem to have longer memories.’
      • ‘Finally, we explore risk-adjusted returns between acquirers of private and public targets over several event horizons.’
      • ‘What humour there is is really so black that it could never escape the event horizon of laughter.’
      • ‘Beyond the event horizon of our own evolutionary history there may lie the colossal remains of a hundred different would-be histories of intelligent life on Earth.’