Meaning of everywhere else in English:

everywhere else


  • In all other places.

    ‘they are the same machines used everywhere else in the world’
    • ‘Whilst there is not a particular bullying problem in Cumbria, he believes it is fairly common, as it is everywhere else in the country.’
    • ‘But it turns out that political imperative prevails in New Zealand as it does everywhere else.’
    • ‘In fairness, we're not too badly off everywhere else, touch wood.’
    • ‘Pinched everywhere else, he spent all he could save on books.’
    • ‘They do, but people everywhere else are far more tolerant of indolence.’
    • ‘The future of democracy in Australia and everywhere else depends upon the way in which each serves the community.’
    • ‘People want to live in York because of its high quality of life and they come shopping or visit because the city is different from everywhere else.’
    • ‘Our role is to make everywhere else look good by comparison!’
    • ‘Since then tobacco use has increased just like everywhere else, but the current government has been determined to crack down.’
    • ‘After all, this sort of thing happens frequently in university, and everywhere else for that matter.’