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Pronunciation /ˈɛvɪd(ə)ntli/

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  • 1In a way that is clearly seen or understood; obviously.

    ‘a work so evidently laden with significance’
    • ‘Unusually for such cases, she was evidently competent and clearly stated her wish for the ventilator to be switched off.’
    • ‘What few complaints there are in this area come from writers who are evidently, manifestly ignorant of the subject.’
    • ‘This distinction is evidently rough and needs refinement, but one has some sense of what is intended.’
    • ‘His undeniable sophistication evidently needs something to engage with outside of itself.’
    • ‘Cassandra clearly identified with the woman, although she evidently has no plans to commit suicide herself.’
    • ‘She looked distinguished and we said so, but she was evidently looking for something more.’
    • ‘These evidently represented significant political moves to assert the role of fundamental human rights within the European Union.’
    • ‘They had evidently heard the planes and were pulling in under some trees.’
    • ‘It was here that doubt took me; my enemy was evidently experienced and crafty.’
    • ‘By any standards, then, America is distinctive in the extent to which firearms evidently make up a common part of the fabric of national life.’
    • ‘However, Partick evidently had not read the script.’
    • ‘The pizza base (handmade with organic flour) was evidently homespun, with its biscuity, nicely burned crust.’
    • ‘The poetry they quoted, though it was widely circulated among contemporaries, was evidently new to him.’
    • ‘All these projects were, quite evidently, communal projects and were a product of cooperation among the members of society.’
    • ‘Even in the face of seemingly unstoppable natural disasters, some are evidently more equal than others.’
    • ‘They both nodded in affirmation, evidently satisfied.’
    obviously, clearly, plainly, perceptibly, visibly, discernibly, transparently, manifestly, patently, palpably, distinctly, markedly, blatantly
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  • 2sentence adverb It would seem that.

    ‘evidently Mrs Smith thought differently’
    • ‘The apparent meanders are evidently an artifact arising from close juxtaposition of the oval units.’
    • ‘The Bank of England thinks it is pretty close and has said so; the Treasury evidently disagrees.’
    • ‘Apparently they miss us something awful - but evidently not enough to update their address book.’
    • ‘It evidently has found a receptive audience among current senior US civilian and military leaders.’
    • ‘Howard was evidently a believer in the written word, among other things.’
    • ‘On his release, the widowed trickster evidently won himself a rich wife among the élite Jewish merchant class in Frankfort.’
    • ‘Apparently, the market agrees that what is evidently a radical development is a highly acceptable one.’
    • ‘Her motives for this disastrous plea are never clearly explained, but evidently she wants to protect Arthur.’
    • ‘Indeed, if the journalist is to better understand the topic upon which he prepares an article then evidently he has to be better informed.’
    • ‘As it stands, bandits clearly hold the monopoly on firearms and evidently, supplies aren't limited.’
    • ‘There was evidently some deep distinction in a fox's psyche between moving objects and stationary ones.’
    • ‘Kat had no idea what significance the backpack held, but it evidently wasn't good.’
    • ‘Cancer is evidently not a sign that revels in the distinction of being a British royal.’
    • ‘The water pressure was really low and evidently, our super-low garden faucet is one of the only ones in the area dribbling water at intervals.’
    • ‘And, more than sixty years on from the siege, the compelling attraction of music in this place is evidently still felt by ordinary citizens.’
    • ‘For him, evidently, the confusion started around 1990, when all those gates were opening up.’
    • ‘However much he amassed, it evidently wasn't enough.’
    • ‘They are in great shape physically and endowed with a terrific attitude to life which is evidently better than any skin cream when it comes to attracting the admiring eye of man.’
    • ‘It is, after all, April, and the boys mother evidently continued to send him to school even though she knew that he was hitting other children.’
    • ‘Charlotte is poor, although evidently not the kind of poor that actually requires working for a living.’
    seemingly, apparently, so it seems, as far as one can tell, from all appearances, on the face of it, to all intents and purposes, on the surface, outwardly, ostensibly
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    1. 2.1Used as an affirmative response.
      • ‘‘Were they old pals or something?’ ‘Evidently.’’