Meaning of ex-directory in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛksdʌɪˈrɛkt(ə)ri/

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  • (of a person or phone number) not listed in a phone directory or available through directory enquiries, at the wish of the subscriber.

    North American term unlisted

    ‘Well, I have had my phone number changed and I am ex-directory but I am not convinced that certain people might not have connections with BT, so I am not going to say anything.’
    • ‘I'm ex-directory so I don't know how these people got hold of my address.’
    • ‘Even BT managed to add to our problems by making our telephone number ex-directory.’
    • ‘First, I was surprised to learn that all Aldi store telephone numbers are ex-directory and amazed at the comment from the regional office.’
    • ‘We've always been very careful about keeping our home telephone number ex-directory.’
    • ‘Bowen said Californians are very privacy conscious, as borne out by the fact that half the people in the state had ex-directory telephone numbers to shield them from telemarketers, another bane of daily life.’
    • ‘Eircom were also criticised for proposing to disclose some details of its ex-directory subscribers to other telecom companies.’
    • ‘You discover your mother and father have changed their telephone number and have gone ex-directory.’
    • ‘Being ex-directory and registered with the Telephone Preference Service, I rarely have to deal with annoying sales calls.’
    • ‘I tried telephone enquiries, to be told that the number was ex-directory.’
    • ‘The increasing number of private households who prefer to go ex-directory poses further problems for outbound telemarketing.’
    • ‘As Mike himself points out, if Mr Horgan has chosen not to go ex-directory, even though he's the director of a number of companies, then he is asking for trouble.’
    • ‘Free directory enquiries on the same site gives you the home phone number of any of those people not ex-directory.’
    • ‘I have suffered death threats and I have even had to move my family to a new home and go ex-directory because I was afraid for their lives.’
    • ‘Also, many people choose to be ex-directory - that is, they have taken action for their telephone numbers not to appear in a telephone directory.’
    • ‘The only answer they receive from me is the question, ‘Where did you get this ex-directory number?’’
    • ‘No phone number is listed and if there is one, it is ex-directory.’
    • ‘As I discover when I try to get hold of him before our interview, his production company is ex-directory.’
    • ‘You can't get any station as they are all ex-directory but I was put through to an Arriva number with no answer.’
    • ‘The telephone number of the pub has also been changed and is now ex-directory.’