Meaning of ex-wife in English:


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  • A woman to whom someone was formerly married, from whom they are now divorced.

    ‘In 1951, he finally decided to dump his long-suffering first wife, Mildred, for the newly divorced ex-wife of a congressman.’
    • ‘Back at the apartment, I tried once again to reach my ex-wife in Tennessee.’
    • ‘The problem I am having is his childish ex-wife.’
    • ‘We have to move on now from the king of pop to his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley.’
    • ‘She didn't want to spend anymore time arguing with Sam's ex-wife on the front step.’
    • ‘Adam, a missionary who lost his face, returns to Japan to spread the ashes of his ex-wife.’
    • ‘Whether you die with or without a will, your ex-wife is first on the list of people entitled to custody.’
    • ‘There's a reason my ex-wife called Emmitt "our four-legged philosopher friend."’
    • ‘I just wonder what your ex-wife thinks about what you have done to her.’
    • ‘Dr Malik's ex-wife also runs a law firm called Maliks on Cheetham Hill Road.’
    • ‘His mother (my ex-wife) has a habit of coming back into our lives every eight to 10 months.’
    • ‘John's ex-wife is also hospitalized, with incurable cancer.’
    • ‘My ex wife had no problem at all in buying herself clothes.’
    • ‘My ex-wife wanted to devote more time to her career.’
    • ‘I think it was something to do with his ex-wife.’
    • ‘There's been talk that he's had difficulty meeting the alimony payments to the ex-wife.’
    • ‘Brad also admitted that he wanted to get even with the journalists who wrote "cruel" stuff about his now ex-wife.’
    • ‘It seems the divorce his ex-wife filed had some interesting allegations.’
    • ‘His death would allow his ex-wife to remarry.’
    • ‘I felt as though I were being lectured by my ex-wife, the schoolteacher.’