Meaning of exam paper in English:

exam paper


‘With the political theories module that I mark, students can concentrate on a handful of key topics, such as feminism; Marxism, anarchism or fascism, with the full expectation that questions on them will be on the exam paper.’
  • ‘But last night Edexcel, which hit the headlines last year following a series of blunders, insisted no student would be disadvantaged and there would be questions on the summer exam paper the pupils could answer.’
  • ‘It's often asked - I once encountered the question on an exam paper (and wrote a very inadequate answer) - whether Aristophanes is still funny.’
  • ‘When it came to sitting Higher history, Stark turned over the exam paper and saw a question on Italian unification.’
  • ‘The issue of access to higher education in the UK continues to generate more questions than an exam paper.’
  • ‘I'm reminded of this after the recent story of the exam paper with an incorrect question on it.’
  • ‘Your AEA exam paper will be externally assessed and awarded Distinction, Merit or Ungraded.’
  • ‘It is a question from an exam paper requiring five (instead of the usual four) answers.’
  • ‘When the exam paper arrived it contained the questions from each option, so I just did the particle physics ones.’
  • ‘When I sat down and turned over the exam paper I found that I could not answer a single question.’
  • ‘The first exam paper had a spelling mistake rendering question one unanswerable.’
  • ‘Read the exam paper a couple of times and learn how to manage your time because you can lose marks very quickly if you don't.’
  • ‘There are several levels of possible appeal, starting with a request for a clerical check, which means the exam board has to make sure that all pages of an exam paper have been marked and all marks counted into the total.’
  • ‘Though if Algernon and Jane can co-exist in an Oxford exam paper I'm sure that Oscar and Charlie won't mind taking up residence together.’
  • ‘It's like a bad exam paper - the examiners know what they want to hear but don't ask the right questions, leaving you bemused as to why the game will not progress.’
  • ‘Despite at one point my hands and the actual exam paper itself being so wet I could hardly write, I went on at my usual lightning pace, determined to get the job done.’
  • ‘Fears of a security breach yesterday prompted the withdrawal of a GCSE exam paper, just two weeks before it was due to be taken by thousands of pupils.’
  • ‘I thought my first exam paper would be easy and I've been stuck on this question for two days now Hopefully my tutor will give me a helping hand.’
  • ‘All were then invited to resit the test - with a new exam paper - at Thomas Rotherham College.’
  • ‘The current edition of music mag Q has a spoof exam paper for hip-hop studies.’