Meaning of examination-in-chief in English:



mass nounLaw
  • The questioning of a witness by the party which has called that witness to give evidence, in support of the case being made.

    Compare with cross-examine

    ‘Affidavit evidence was used as examination-in-chief for most witnesses.’
    • ‘In examination-in-chief the following questions were asked.’
    • ‘The defendant cross-examined the plaintiff respecting some of the subject matter of the plaintiff's examination-in-chief and then ended her cross-examination.’
    • ‘The witness further testified in his examination-in-chief that ‘Manny Brykman was The Commons project's co-ordinator before Abe Kagal’.’
    • ‘Your Honour, cases can well and truly be constructed which would bear that guise, not least because then the only corroboration would be, say, with the untested examination-in-chief of the complainant.’
    • ‘The House held that if s. 1 is used to justify questions about similar fact evidence then the prosecution should have brought it out in examination-in-chief.’
    • ‘A party may also ask the Trial Chamber to authorize questions relating to additional matters, that is, matters not raised in examination-in-chief.’
    • ‘In general, re-examination must relate to matters touched upon in examination-in-chief.’
    • ‘Notably, even Dr. Wong testified in examination-in-chief that Mrs. Webster could have caused the injury by her own hand.’
    • ‘Subject to such further parts of the transcript as you later point to, at the moment, all I am conscious of is that at 1107, in front of the jury, after some examination-in-chief, the judge then makes the order granting leave.’
    • ‘There were questions asked in cross-examination of the wife, and at page 172, this is examination-in-chief, she is asked questions about the various clinics by counsel, Ms Gearin.’
    • ‘On examination-in-chief he had testified that he had been pursuing his relationship with Eva until last year viz., 2001 but not anymore, but on cross-examination it proved not to be so.’
    • ‘There therefore remains, despite the appellant being given every change in examination-in-chief to clarify the position, considerable doubt in my mind as to exactly when this incident took place.’
    • ‘He was going to give evidence of that at the trial and it was expected that he would testify about at least some of those paedophile offences, in examination-in-chief.’
    • ‘Secondly, he entirely rejects Scott's argument that in an inquisitorial procedure the distinction between examination-in-chief and cross-examination is unimportant.’
    • ‘That completed Mr. Sinclair's examination-in-chief, save for his comments during the showing once again of Dr. Lawless's video, Exhibit 7, taken on the construction project during 1985 and 1986.’
    • ‘When Mr. Reid turned to this issue during examination-in-chief and introduced it by saying ‘I want to talk about the back label issue’ Paul responded ‘Do we have to?’’
    • ‘In examination-in-chief when first asked what he said to Constable Ross he said that he did not recall his exact words but that he would have said ‘that's my guy’ referring to Mr. Cutajar.’
    • ‘In examination-in-chief, Grossman recalled none of this and it was only when these documents were put to him on cross-examination, when he saw his signature, did he agree he had them prepared.’
    • ‘For example, in examination-in-chief, he said he didn't know the brand of the cough syrup he consumed, although he said he takes it for his asthma.’