Meaning of excellently in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛksələntli/

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  • In an extremely good or outstanding way.

    ‘all the actors performed excellently’
    • ‘the remains were excellently preserved’
    • ‘Madly in love with Bartlett is tough nightclub hostess "Panama" Smith, excellently played by the young actress.’
    • ‘Stravinsky's score was played excellently.’
    • ‘Some of the scare moments are excellently shot to provide just enough scare factor.’
    • ‘These scenes provide for some great moments with some excellently written dialogue between them both.’
    • ‘This is an exciting story, excellently told, and made both totally comprehensible and appetising to the most unscientific palate.’
    • ‘Our police and firefighters handled it excellently.’
    • ‘"The car is fashionable, performs excellently, and came with two air bags and a sunroof."’
    • ‘Finally after 15 minutes of perseverance the team scored -- not to the liking of the opposition, who had been defending excellently.’
    • ‘The volume includes over 500 excellently reproduced black and white photos and 53 color photos.’
    • ‘I have never tasted such excellently prepared food; the chef obviously spends a great deal of time and care over both the preparation and presentation.’