Meaning of exciter in English:



  • A thing that produces excitation, in particular a device that provides a magnetizing current for the electromagnets in a motor or generator.

    ‘Although the electric leads to the exciter were doubly shielded, they nonetheless picked up energy at 60 Hz and its harmonics from ambient fields in the laboratory.’
    • ‘Armament received a shipment of ten-foot-long paper - wound tubes equipped with an electrical exciter on one end.’
    • ‘Fluorescein is injected intravenously, and serial retinal photographs using a special camera equipped with an exciter / barrier filter set are taken through the pupil.’
    • ‘Philips Sound Solutions has recently signed on to develop a new generation of off-the-shelf exciters for automotive applications.’
    • ‘The earth under the vibration exciter was cleared of vegetation and debris and the exciter was placed directly on the cleared earth.’
    • ‘An exciter in the pod tailors the parameters of the jamming signal.’
    • ‘The same filter was applied to the wave file containing a sample of the ground vibration component of the calling song to generate the source signal, i.e., the signal put on the playback recorder tape for input to the vibration exciter.’
    • ‘Paging transmitter having broadband exciter using an intermediate frequency above the transmit frequency’
    • ‘Every recording studio worth its salt has an exciter or three.’
    • ‘I feel akin to the writers and exciters, the people who put themselves out on the front line, let their thoughts and their hearts be known to the world.’
    • ‘A vibration exciter was used to simulate calling song ground vibrations in playback experiments to examine vibration as a possible communication channel between calling males.’
    • ‘In addition, the interaction between the vibration exciter and the soil, and the propagation of the vibration signal through the soil are greatly affected by the properties of the soil.’
    • ‘Then he designed a frame, and using a WorldSound kit, applied an exciter on the back to produce a stereo speaker.’
    • ‘The fluctuation of hormones in any one month cycle is a big exciter of migraine.’
    • ‘Hooper points to research by the Kinsey Institute in America, which suggests that there are specific brain centres that control sex drive: an exciter centre, which permits arousal, and an inhibitor, which keeps it under control.’
    • ‘The six processors in Ozone 3 are paragraphic equalizer, multiband dynamics, multiband harmonic exciter, multiband stereo imaging, loudness maximizer and mastering reverb.’



/ɪkˈsʌɪtə/ /ɛkˈsʌɪtə/