Meaning of exciton in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛksɪtɒn/


  • A mobile concentration of energy in a crystal formed by an excited electron and an associated hole.

    ‘As the group intensified optical stimulation during the experiments, though, the number of excitons increased and the electron/electron-hole pairs cancelled each other.’
    • ‘The injected electrons and holes combine to form excitons, or electron-hole pairs, bound together by their mutual attraction.’
    • ‘Some of these excitons emit light when they decay to the ground state.’
    • ‘The first images of the motion of an exciton - a particle essential to modern electronics - and a biexciton show that the lighter exciton roams farther.’
    • ‘Implicitly, the more donors, the greater the probability for a photon to become an exciton.’


1930s from excitation+ -on.