Meaning of exclamation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛkskləˈmeɪʃn/

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  • A sudden cry or remark expressing surprise, strong emotion, or pain.

    ‘an exclamation of amazement’
    • ‘The sudden exclamation of surprise and amusement from Jeffrey caught them all off guard.’
    • ‘A sudden exclamation of pain made Cede rush over to Retaw and check her injured wrist.’
    • ‘The hair is green and orange, matching the self-designed clothes, but the voice is soft and gentle, if given to sudden exclamations.’
    • ‘There was a shift in the audience as to the meaning of his sudden exclamation, especially its lack of any emotion.’
    • ‘The force of Jem's sudden exclamation surprises even him, and he laughs after an embarrassed pause.’
    • ‘There would be quiet talk, with occasional exclamations, yelps or shrieks from the children, but there was also a basic silence underlying all of it.’
    • ‘The present-opening seemed to drag on forever, and Kate was exhausted by the end of it from all the affected exclamations of surprise and thanks.’
    • ‘It all feels thrown together, with tracks that begin mid-song and sudden exclamations that send the recording deep into the red.’
    • ‘When she was done, there were several exclamations of surprise.’
    • ‘His face was gleaming with sweat and suppressed exclamations of pain, his chest rising and falling heavily.’
    • ‘She heard numerous exclamations shouted out behind her.’
    • ‘They uttered exclamations of surprise, not nearly as used to the bizarre internal twist as the two older men.’
    • ‘He stepped on my feet about three times, and I successfully managed to hold in my exclamations of pain.’
    • ‘Gasps and exclamations of disgust and surprise rippled throughout the assembled crowd.’
    • ‘Nick made to close the door, but was stopped by a sudden exclamation.’
    • ‘Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ryan smiling every time I let out an exclamation of surprise over the show.’
    • ‘Renee, however, backed away with a little exclamation of surprise and dismay.’
    • ‘With an exclamation of surprise Ko-chin flailed her arms to stay balanced.’
    • ‘An exclamation of pain issued from the man as Kurt steadily applied more pressure to the wound.’
    • ‘A combination of moans, exclamations and curses were what the man earned with that statement.’
    cry, call, shout, yell, shriek, roar, bellow, interjection, sudden utterance
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Late Middle English from Latin exclamatio(n-), from exclamare ‘shout out’ (see exclaim).