Meaning of excuse me in English:

excuse me


  • 1Used as a polite apology in various contexts, such as when attempting to get someone's attention, asking someone to move so that one may pass, or interrupting a speaker.

    ‘Now in 99% of cases with the subway as packed as it was someone would enter, say excuse me and make her move her bag.’
    • ‘They are all up in my personal space so I say excuse me and move away but they keep looking at me.’
    • ‘When he finished eating, he stood up with a small polite excuse me and placed his dish in the sink, quickly heading up to Wes' room.’
    • ‘Excuse me for interrupting, Amy, this is Jack Cafferty.’
    • ‘The last hole looked out to a torture chamber - excuse me - an interrogation room.’
    • ‘I was pulled passed bunches of people, yelling excuse me and avoiding swinging elbows.’
    • ‘Now, excuse me for butting in like this, Germaine, but, putting this politely, albeit, bluntly: is this really true?’
    • ‘Excuse me, do you have this in a size nine and a half?’
    1. 1.1North American Used to ask someone to repeat what they have just said.
      what did you say, what, eh, I beg your pardon, beg pardon, sorry, excuse me, say again