Meaning of executive session in English:

executive session

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  • A closed meeting of a governing body.

    ‘If he needs to address classified or otherwise confidential national security matters, that can be accommodated in a closed executive session, for these committees regularly receive highly classified information.’
    • ‘Congressional committees drafted and approved legislation in executive sessions.’
    • ‘He said the executive session meeting was ‘separate’ from the regular board meeting, which was adjourned.’
    • ‘Yet the meeting was not billed as a closed-door executive session, and parent meetings are open to the public.’
    • ‘In executive session, the Council discussed the report of the AAUP Election Procedures Review Task Force, which was presented by the task force chair.’
    • ‘The Space Flight Leadership Council met in an executive session at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston.’
    • ‘This argument would be more persuasive if the agency had at least made a credible case to congressional committees in executive session or to U.S. Asian allies.’
    • ‘In contrast, each television network conducts an executive session at each tour, and the executives are often available for conversations throughout the day and attend the evening parties.’
    • ‘For example, for the first time in its 92-year history, CalCPA modified the agenda of its annual meeting between its external auditor and audit committee to include an executive session.’
    • ‘Outside board members are calling their own executive sessions while hiring consultants to help them in making independent decisions.’
    • ‘Board practices, such as executive sessions of outside directors, will give independent majorities more power.’
    • ‘A brainstorming session's effectiveness is increased if conducted, at least partially, in closed or executive session without management present.’
    • ‘The Council met in executive session for the purpose of selecting a new general secretary.’
    • ‘Three important processes seem to enhance board functioning: i) executive sessions, ii) the relationship with independent advisors, and iii) committees' reporting process to the board.’
    • ‘In 1980, Senator Byrd led the establishment of a new precedent to require an immediate vote, without debate, on any motion to go into executive session to consider a particular nomination.’
    • ‘That was rapidly seconded by the Whip, Senator Durbin and the Senate was in executive session.’
    • ‘She declined to disclose her advice to school board members because it was given in executive session.’