Meaning of exhibitionist in English:



  • A person who behaves in an extravagant way in order to attract attention.

    ‘I am something of an exhibitionist’
    • ‘She's quite the exhibitionist, showing off a bare ankle.’
    • ‘‘Women from all ages and walks of life took off their clothes, not because they are exhibitionists but because they felt it was imperative to do so,’ the organizers solemnly explained.’
    • ‘The contest wasn't on right away so I had some intimate nightclub yelling conversations and scoped the place, which features four cages where exhibitionists contort on platforms that rise and descend on hydraulic lifts.’
    • ‘Bondi Beach is synonymous with ‘Aussie beach culture’, displaying a bustling carnival atmosphere, with eccentrics, exhibitionists and lots of surfers.’
    • ‘On the travelator, a tattooed Dutchman speaks rapidly to a girlfriend via his mobile phone whilst walking at full speed against the direction of the belt - perhaps some bizarre form of exercise for exhibitionists.’
    show-off, posturer, poser, self-publicist, attention-seeker
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  • Behaving extravagantly in order to attract attention.

    • ‘In the past, I have chided Prof. Reynolds for his mildly exhibitionist postings.’
    • ‘People dying of cancer are rarely represented in the same exhibitionist manner.’
    • ‘Originally I thought blogs were a kind of exhibitionist diary for people with global egos.’
    • ‘My first major exhibitionist experience happened in my late teens.’
    • ‘There were the exhibitionist squatters with their "I squat, therefore I am" credo.’
    • ‘I was thinking I could pepper my commentary with pictures that attest to my exhibitionist nature.’
    • ‘The couple, it turns out, have a strong exhibitionist streak.’
    • ‘The exhibitionist Kac, on the other hand, implicitly denies essence, integrity, identity.’
    • ‘Failure to reap the rewards of what he considered his great talent led to increasingly expressionistic and exhibitionist art.’
    • ‘Ironically though, Ashley, who has always had an exhibitionist streak, says the job has built her self-confidence.’
    • ‘Unless you have an exhibitionist streak, you won't want the world to know your business - whether on the PC or the Internet.’
    • ‘A less exhibitionist approach is to display the following poster.’
    • ‘It is not the old exhibitionist gesture.’
    • ‘Though the depth of their devotion was beyond question, they had an undeniable exhibitionist impulse.’
    • ‘Karadzic, the exhibitionist politician, could not resist inventing a flamboyant new identity as a bearded New Age healer.’
    • ‘Exhibitionist behavior frequently will occur around times of stress or when the patient has free time.’
    • ‘I suppose I have an exhibitionist component to my character as well as a voyeuristic one.’
    • ‘My friend the Garbageman is one of those daring, exhibitionist diners who prides himself on his cast-iron stomach.’
    • ‘But blogs can also serve as exhibitionist outlets that highlight the worst of America's tell-all and show-all tendencies.’
    • ‘Baboons are especially notorious for this rather unnwholesome exhibitionist behaviour.’