Meaning of exhortative in English:



See exhort

‘He described Divine Beauty as ‘neither philosophy nor theology, neither spiritual nor doctrinal, neither critical nor exhortative but rather a delighted dance of all these elements’.’
  • ‘My problem with today's liturgical bureaucracy is that it advances measurable technical goals at the same time it diminishes the more essential immeasurable exhortative ones at the heart of EACW.’
  • ‘Here, the voice is not imperative, and it does not try to address the viewer directly; rather, it is exhortative, and it implicitly addresses, in plain Italian, the Italian team.’
  • ‘He has mobilized his decades of work in social and cultural history in order to write this exhortative book exploring the value of images for historical writing.’
  • ‘As in EACW, its emphasis is exhortative and encouraging, not technical.’



/ɪɡˈzɔːtətɪv/ /ɛɡˈzɔːtətɪv/