Meaning of existing in English:


Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzɪstɪŋ/

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  • In existence or operation at the current time.

    ‘opponents of the existing political system’
    • ‘The push for growth or reform comes when existing approaches no longer meet all the practical needs of those affected.’
    • ‘Military and nuclear preparations add to the existing political hostility.’
    • ‘The Health Committee heard very strong evidence that police do use the existing law.’
    • ‘The law that was just passed, however, goes an important step beyond the previously existing rules.’
    • ‘Plans also include a physical plant addition and sprinkler upgrade to the existing building.’
    • ‘They feel already existing structures need not be replaced.’
    • ‘You don't need house arrest - you just need the political will to actually enforce the existing law.’
    • ‘Second, I welcome confirmation of the serious inadequacies of the existing electoral system.’
    • ‘Instead, an enterprise would consume services from an existing network of available services.’
    • ‘All three expressed their delight at the news and had fought hard to retain the existing system.’
    • ‘The Coalition has pledged to overhaul the current system and even scrap existing plans.’
    • ‘One can't simply install the operating system on an existing machine, pop in a couple of peripherals and go.’
    • ‘I've found the best method of marketing is to work your existing customers.’
    • ‘In order to be useful, this technology must work with existing network infrastructure.’
    • ‘He said the company did not want to alienate its existing customer base by pursuing a younger market.’
    • ‘Which hardly seems fair since they never offered it to an existing customer like me at a new rate.’
    • ‘This regulation has been designed essentially to safeguard existing rail services and customers.’
    • ‘New hires must meet these provisions immediately, while existing staff have several years to comply.’
    • ‘We think it is necessary to smash the presently existing state.’
    • ‘Perhaps best of all, the existing distribution infrastructure can be used for bio-diesel.’
    real, true, genuine, authentic, verified, attested, confirmed, definite, hard, plain, clear, clear-cut, undeniable, veritable