Meaning of exit examination in English:

exit examination


(also exit exam)
North American
  • A test which a student is required to pass in order to complete a course of study.

    ‘the exit examination requires the demonstration of knowledge and skills in clinical emergency medicine’
    • ‘California's high school exit exam’
    • ‘All she has to do is pass her exit examination.’
    • ‘Acceptance into college to study pharmacy is at the undergraduate level in Australia and the U.K., and requires a high grade in the final high school exit examinations.’
    • ‘The state of Texas has called for a graduation exit examination that includes content from algebra and geometry courses.’
    • ‘Significant fractions of young people are dropping out of high school, and others are failing high-school exit examinations.’
    • ‘I remember many nights at the dinner table, JC trying to convince my parents to let her take the high school exit exam.’
    • ‘An increasing number of states are requiring students to pass exit exams in order to graduate from high school.’
    • ‘Already students must pass an exit exam in 18 states to get a high school diploma.’
    • ‘The goal of the exit exam was to write a comparative essay on a topic of the student's choice.’
    • ‘Schools that began teaching to the standards early on tended to have higher pass rates on the exit exam, the study found.’
    • ‘Students must successfully complete a competency preparation course and exit exam to graduate.’