Meaning of exit strategy in English:

exit strategy


  • A pre-planned means of extricating oneself from a situation that is likely to become difficult or unpleasant.

    ‘it is vital that all investors have some sort of exit strategy’
    • ‘Howard initiated the Tampa standoff without a clear exit strategy.’
    • ‘You can expect the smarter Democratic strategists to start implementing the exit strategy from the Guantanamo quagmire.’
    • ‘What is now needed to save face is an exit strategy.’
    • ‘Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democrats, demands an exit strategy.’
    • ‘He could not have said what his exit strategy is.’
    • ‘At any point online, you can choose to log off - there is always the exit strategy.’
    • ‘Henry spends the rest of the day replaying his exit strategy.’
    • ‘We'll talk about a potential exit strategy for U.S. forces.’
    • ‘Business owners must have an exit strategy in mind.’
    • ‘They've begun looking for an exit strategy to free the Fed's hand.’
    • ‘Rather than thinking in terms of an exit strategy, we should be focused on a strategy for success.’
    • ‘I felt angry that our national leaders had put us into a war without an exit strategy or a way of defining victory.’
    • ‘This is where Labor can claim the upper hand: they have advanced an exit strategy.’
    • ‘The same stockbroker speculated last week that Murray was preparing an " exit strategy ".’
    • ‘By that time he'll have new material on exit strategies - or the lack thereof.’
    • ‘The IRA, already in pursuit of its exit strategy, had all the confirmation it needed.’
    • ‘I mean, there's always been an exit strategy in the sense that nobody wants to stay there indefinitely.’
    • ‘Exit strategies will vary according to their investment priorities.’
    • ‘Now, people have taken all of those things to mean that they're looking for an early exit strategy.’
    • ‘And let's remember: An exit date is not an exit strategy.’