Meaning of exit visa in English:

exit visa


(also exit permit)
  • A document giving authorization to leave a particular country.

    ‘Saudis are also required to obtain an exit visa from their government in order to leave Saudi Arabia, and they must provide a reason to get it.’
    • ‘Lesser-known dissidents were offered a choice of an exit visa or a trial which would put them in prison.’
    • ‘The doctor who was also accused was released but is still in Libya because the authorities refuse to issue him an exit visa.’
    • ‘I had to leave the country on an exit permit to pursue my studies in public health.’
    • ‘Then fortunately my exit visa came through and I was given 48 hours to leave the country or I would be redrafted.’
    • ‘‘I also have a feeling that any request for an exit visa will be sadly refused,’ Michiko added, not sounding sad about it at all.’
    • ‘In retaliation, her former employers declined to sanction her exit visa and so, when I visited her, she was stuck there while the lawyers tried to thrash out the problem.’
    • ‘All steps for issuing his exit visa had been taken, but it was still possible that the prosecution will appeal against his sentence.’
    • ‘His sentence is a ban on giving dance classes for life and a ten-year suspended jail term; he was also denied an exit visa from Iran for ten years.’
    • ‘Within two years they were married, and, after Ellie had obtained her exit visa, she left Bulgaria on Christmas Day in 1982.’
    • ‘She secured an exit visa to spend a few months as a fellow at Radcliffe's Bunting Institute, a sort of think tank for women.’
    • ‘Her former employers have refused to sanction her exit visa, which means for the moment that she is stuck in Qatar with no hope of escape.’
    • ‘Although the Hungarian foreign ministry gave its approval, hardliners in the interior ministry refused to grant an exit visa.’
    • ‘Succeeding in his quest for an exit visa he now lives in New York.’
    • ‘Elena had just told him that she was unable to get an exit visa so she could meet him in Moscow.’
    • ‘Instead of creating further unrest by launching new trials, it offered the dissidents exit visas that were accepted.’
    • ‘Securing the children's exit visas, entry permits, foster parents and sponsors was a huge administrative enterprise.’
    • ‘Iraqi citizens cannot travel abroad easily; government permission and expensive exit visas are required for foreign travel.’
    • ‘In any case, in 1924 Olga's little daughter, her mother, her sister and her niece received exit permits from the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘In the end, Philo and his wife had to be smuggled out of the country, as their exit visas had been cancelled.’