Meaning of exogamous in English:


Pronunciation /ɛkˈsɒɡəməs/


See exogamy

‘These exogamous marriages introduced the possibility of idolatry and syncretistic practices into the community.’
  • ‘Rural communities were exogamous, patrilocal, and patriarchal, with newly married women subservient in the families of their husbands until they had borne sons.’
  • ‘Thus, a caste is endogamous, but all the kin-based units below it are exogamous and follow rigid rules about which clans or lineages are allowed to inter-marry.’
  • ‘Among Chaldeans, most exogamous marriages bring an outsider into the community, rather than resulting in the loss of a member.’
  • ‘These subclans are exogamous, and the members refer to each other by using kinship terms.’