Meaning of exonuclease in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛksəʊˈnjuːklɪeɪz/


  • An enzyme which removes successive nucleotides from the end of a polynucleotide molecule.

    ‘Orn was shown by in vitro analysis to be an exonuclease specific for RNA molecules shorter than five nucleotides in length.’
    • ‘A given exonuclease hydrolyzes DNA at a fixed rate, but there exist a distribution of conformations and a distribution of hydrolysis rates.’
    • ‘The rapid rise of the first fluorescence maximum puts a strict upper bound on the timescale of magnesium binding to the exonuclease.’
    • ‘The binding mechanism of psoralens to a double-strand DNA has been well investigated by chemical and enzymatic methods using restriction enzymes and exonuclease.’
    • ‘Phage gene 46 encodes one subunit of a putative exonuclease that is thought to be directly involved in recombination and recombinational repair.’