Meaning of exopodite in English:


Pronunciation /ɛkˈsɒpədʌɪt/


(also exopod)
  • The outer branch of the biramous limb or appendage of a crustacean.

    Compare with endopodite, protopodite

    ‘Nevertheless, in spite of these differences the basic biramous division of the limb into exopodite and endopodite was consistently maintained throughout the group.’
    • ‘The detailed structure of both exopods and endopods varied, both along the trunk of individual trilobites, and among different taxa.’
    • ‘Our cladistic analysis confirms that the taxa included form a solid clade based on the apomorphic presence of a diaresis on the exopod of the uropod.’
    • ‘The exopodite of the second maxilloped was removed from crabs that had not yet molted at the end of the hemolymph sampling period to determine the molt stage of individual crabs.’
    • ‘A diaresis is also present on the exopod in the Laomediidae and in some taxa in the Axiidae.’


Late 19th century from exo-‘outside’ + Greek pous, pod- ‘foot’ + -ite.