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mass noun
  • The policy of territorial or economic expansion.

    ‘the need to oppose German expansionism’
    • ‘He broke with the mainstream conservatism in the early 1960s, primarily over issues of foreign policy and military expansionism.’
    • ‘The two leaders also discussed the plan to develop a national missile defense plan which China opposes as inviting military expansionism, the sources said.’
    • ‘But the enemy will pay dearly later, on top of what it is paying at present for its reckless policies of greed and expansionism.’
    • ‘The failure of strategy in electoral terms would give him a golden opportunity to identify his opponent with economic expansionism.’
    • ‘My books talk about communist expansionism being turned back around the world with the help of Margaret Thatcher, the Pope, and many brave souls in Europe.’
    • ‘It was pitched as an effort to stop Communist expansionism.’
    • ‘The proper response to racism is not to encourage its victims to flee, much less flee to a country whose history, politics and expansionism makes it a more dangerous place for those who are seeking refuge.’
    • ‘France is no longer a knee-jerk supporter of the country's militarism and expansionism.’
    • ‘The latter typically assessed the prospects for Communist expansionism in different regions of the world.’
    • ‘Looking for Western cash, wider global influence, and reassurance about Nato expansionism, he could not have been more cooperative.’
    • ‘Foreign policy concerns in the 1930s centered on Soviet and German expansionism, which stimulated abortive efforts at Nordic defense cooperation.’
    • ‘The Gadsden Purchase represents a point of intersection between mid-nineteenth-century commercial expansionism and the debate over slavery.’
    • ‘He is particularly good on the Fischer thesis that was at one time popular, of the war as the outcome of a premeditated program of German expansionism.’
    • ‘By the 1890s the domestic frontier was exhausted, and expansionism took Americans into territories overseas.’
    • ‘Politics, he says, has ceased to gravitate around expansionism and national glory.’
    • ‘Outward expansionism looked even more attractive, and political and military leaders increasingly talked of establishing a co-prosperity sphere in Asia.’
    • ‘The current edition has 236 pages, only about 20 of which deal with the 1920-1945 period, the height of Japanese expansionism.’
    • ‘I also believed in the necessity of being frank about how I looked at them and their expansionism and so forth.’
    • ‘One camp inclines toward automatic hostility to any American military intervention; the other veers toward an embrace of American expansionism.’
    • ‘The Cold War - based on false assumptions of Soviet expansionism - ended in 1991.’



/ɪkˈspanʃənɪz(ə)m/ /ɛkˈspanʃənɪz(ə)m/