Meaning of expeditiousness in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛkspɪˈdɪʃəsnəs/


See expeditious

‘Sometimes, in our expeditiousness to move the world down the path towards the workers' Utopia, we aren't cognizant of who we are excluding from the process.’
  • ‘Committees were appointed by the town, and in a rare display of unanimity and expeditiousness, they agreed on the location, dimensions, and cost of a more splendid meetinghouse.’
  • ‘The principle is articulated into three main standards: equality of arms; publicity of proceedings; and expeditiousness of proceedings.’
  • ‘The government defended its decision by pointing to the virtues of informality and expeditiousness, plus full investigatory rather than adjudicatory powers.’
  • ‘I favour expeditiousness, to clear the path so that our aspirations are not twisted by protracted disputes over acre, rood, and perch.’