Meaning of expiatory in English:



See expiate

‘In an expiatory sacrifice the blood which is shed is regarded as wiping out a transgression.’
  • ‘Any expiatory rite is focused on the human predicament - on the problem of sin or cultic impurity.’
  • ‘Accordingly, he sees storytelling festivals as large expiatory and redemptory rituals of an almost religious kind.’
  • ‘The souls of the dead are led before him and he reminds them that they themselves are the authors of their fate and are alone responsible for the expiatory punishment they are about to undergo.’
  • ‘He died in his forties in a sanitarium, unvisited by Eugene, who, twenty years later, wrote this expiatory play.’



/ˈɛkspɪət(ə)ri/ /ˌɛkspɪˈeɪt(ə)ri/