Meaning of expiration in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛkspɪˈreɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • 1North American The ending of the fixed period for which a contract is valid.

    ‘the expiration of the lease’
    • ‘Best of all, buyers can sell a contract before expiration and need to take possession of any bottles of wine only if they want to drink them.’
    • ‘Free agency allows an athlete to market himself or herself for the best possible price to any team upon the expiration of a contract.’
    • ‘All this comes at a bad time for Big Pharma, which is facing the imminent expiration of patents on many of its blockbusters and fewer-than-expected new drugs in the pipeline.’
    • ‘Thus, the reappointment contract provides nontenured faculty with no expectation of continued service after the annual contract's expiration.’
    • ‘One day, each and every one of their contracts will be near expiration, and when that happens, they will need to negotiate.’
    • ‘The effect of the policy has been to keep these soldiers in the service beyond the date of their enlistment contract's expiration.’
    • ‘With the contract expiration looming large, both sides are meeting sixteen hours a day.’
    • ‘All of the chains are keeping their doors open with the aid of strikebreakers hired in advance of the contract expiration.’
    • ‘She sought to minimize losses from its patent expiration by getting FDA approval for an additional use under another brand name.’
    • ‘The extra month added onto the agreement was designed to shift the next contract's expiration to after the holiday season.’
    • ‘The expiration of various derivatives contracts also helped gains, traders said.’
    • ‘He himself refused to renew his contract after its expiration on June 30, saying that ‘he was not able to work in such an atmosphere.’’
    • ‘All staff effected by expiration of contract would be personally spoken to by the general or senior manager and only then confirmed in writing.’
    • ‘The year end expiration of the bonus depreciation tax benefit, which was expected to boost outlays, had no major impact.’
    • ‘He's more accustomed to payouts in the single-digit millions, though he did net $16.8 million this summer when he sold more shares nearing expiration.’
    • ‘Upon expiration of the rental period, however, the program is no longer readily accessible until ordered again.’
    • ‘On Sunday, both delegations in Kenya agreed to extend their ceasefire by two months beyond its scheduled expiration at the end of September.’
    • ‘The end came with the expiration of his Internet account, and subsequent isolation from cyberspace.’
    • ‘He left at the expiration of his visa on March 10.’
    • ‘International students will have almost three months to comply with regulations following the expiration of their residency permits.’
    death, demise, passing, passing away, passing on, expiry, expiration, departure from life, final exit, eternal rest
    1. 1.1The end of a period of time.
      ‘the expiration of three years’
      • ‘Shares in newly listed search engine fell 2 per cent as investors braced for the expiration of a lockup period that has kept insiders at the web search company from selling stock.’
      • ‘The expiration of the 800 days within which the Prime Minister promised to considerably improve living standards provoked mixed feelings among politicians.’
      • ‘The six month sentence will commence on the legal expiration of his 21 year sentence.’
      • ‘They were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Judge, who also ordered that they not be released before the expiration of 20 years.’
      • ‘The Act stipulates that because it is more than six months before the expiration of five years since the last general elections, a by-election must be held.’
      • ‘An action under this section shall not be brought after the expiration of two years from the death of the deceased.’
      • ‘On expiration of the nine-year period, the property may be sold if wished.’
      death, dying, demise, passing, passing on, passing away, expiration, expiry
  • 2 technical The exhalation of breath from the lungs.

    ‘at the end of expiration there is still a slight inflation in the lungs’
    • ‘Ranging from full inspiration to full expiration, lung densities more than double.’
    • ‘When listening to normal respiration, inspiration composes approximately one-third of the respiratory cycle and expiration the remaining two-thirds.’
    • ‘It is generally held that during breathing at rest expiration is a mainly ‘passive’ process, although some activity in expiratory muscles may maintain the outflow of air.’
    • ‘Examiners compared observed systolic pressure between inspiration and expiration, and subtracted the two values.’
    • ‘Static lung compliance was measured by an interrupter technique during a relaxed expiration from total lung capacity.’
    gulp of air, inhalation, inspiration


Late Middle English (denoting a vapour or exhalation): from Latin exspiratio(n-), from the verb exspirare (see expire).