Meaning of expiree in English:


Pronunciation /ɛkˌspʌɪ(ə)ˈriː/


historical Australian
  • A convict whose term of sentence has expired.

    ‘there is no Act to prevent an expiree going away from the colony’
    • ‘The judge implicitly admits that even after completing the sentence of transportation, the expiree was never exactly a free man.’
    • ‘The expiree Robert Sparks was the successful tenderer for the building of two stone navigational obelisks.’
    • ‘A committee of enquiry into the security of life and property in Sydney identified the twin evils of poor discipline and the influx of Norfolk Island expirees to the barracks.’
    • ‘Official policy intended to bar the return of expirees to England.’
    • ‘Ship owners were prohibited from carrying expirees back to England.’


Early 19th century from expire + -ee.