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Pronunciation /ˈɛksplɪkeɪt/

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[with object]
  • 1Analyse and develop (an idea or principle) in detail.

    ‘an attempt to explicate the relationship between crime and economic forces’
    • ‘Some recent authors have written books attempting to explicate the concept of nomicity.’
    • ‘And while he may have lacked the gene for self-promotion, it is not as if no one else in public life had the opportunity to explicate his ideas for a larger public.’
    • ‘A great deal of Tilly's problem in briefly explicating his ideas flows from the enormous nature of the change proposed.’
    • ‘The rendition in the previous sections is meant to explicate the core ideas that held the McMaster group together, at least for a while.’
    • ‘The ultimate goal is to clarify and explicate the notion of ‘Atheism,’ then spell out and defend the correct definition.’
    • ‘Before we examine the more recent work, we need to explicate the notion in more detail than we have done so far and introduce some empirical findings.’
    • ‘He also uses it to explicate the notion of a constitutive rule.’
    • ‘He also demonstrates his usual fairness and balance in explicating the theological opinion to the effect that there is a possibility that all may be saved.’
    • ‘Instead of explicating a thesis, the immediacy of photography in motion seizes us and renders products of fancy as real.’
    • ‘Philosophers have explored two ways of explicating the concept of omnipotence.’
    • ‘The four negative stereotypes are explicated below.’
    • ‘According to the bequest, the lecture series aims ‘to explicate the concept of the human mind through theory and empirical research.’’
    • ‘The researcher's race, background, and research assumptions were explicated in a research journal providing readers with a context for critique.’
    • ‘Before mentioning these myths and stereotypes, let me explicate a developmental theory, for good theory and science enhance each other for practice.’
    • ‘He both re-emphasizes and thoroughly explicates the details of this approach.’
    • ‘Researchers conclude, however, that at least broad intervention principles can be explicated within such approaches.’
    • ‘Within this framework, Barnave's revolutionary political ideas will be explicated.’
    • ‘In his attempt to explicate the determinate-determinable relation, he uses the notion of predicate entailment.’
    • ‘His commentary shows the great care and precision of a thoughtful and dedicated interpreter who is explicating the categories through a close reading of the text.’
    • ‘The contributors present engaging interpretations that explicate the life experiences of the people studying and working at community colleges.’
    explain, explain in detail, make explicit, clarify, make clear, make plain, spell out
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    1. 1.1Analyse (a literary work) in order to reveal its meaning.
      ‘these essays seek to explicate and contextualize Kristeva's writings’
      • ‘It is a very historical text, as it was the first book in France to systematically defend and explicate Nietzsche's work, which was still suspected of fascism, even after the second World War.’
      • ‘The text explicates Cohen's work in a thoughtful and non-confrontational manner.’
      • ‘She strikes an effective balance between breadth and depth, not just explicating poems but contextualizing them among the larger community of Native poetry.’
      • ‘One assignment that proved useful here was to have the students work in groups to explicate specific passages from Mann's Twelfth Annual School Report from 1848.’
      • ‘In order to clarify their ethical agendas, they include prefaces that explicate the thematic direction and instructive nature of their novels.’
      • ‘In explicating Bertrand Russell's work on cravings and physiological desire, Burke draws on the historical research he did to dwell on the intensity and tenacity of a physiological craving.’
      • ‘He used to give lectures to students and hostages alike on the embassy grounds, explicating the writings of the leftist-revolutionary ideologue and mystic.’
      • ‘Such works have always been explicated through commentary, and this one too is designed for commentary, like the German Baroque dramas to which the learned Silesians appended their scholia.’
      • ‘The collection of seven articles, six essays, and one interview use an assortment of scholarly approaches to explicate elements in Shonibare's works.’
      • ‘Among Hyde's strengths are his detailed knowledge of texts and contexts, and an ability to explicate them.’
      clarify, elucidate, explain, reveal, make clear, shed light on, cast light on, give insight into, clear up
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Mid 16th century from Latin explicat- ‘unfolded’, from the verb explicare, from ex- ‘out’ + plicare ‘to fold’.