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Pronunciation /ɪkˈsplɪsɪt/ /ɛkˈsplɪsɪt/

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  • 1Stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

    ‘the arrangement had not been made explicit’
    • ‘To ensure consistency, several definitions were made explicit before data entry began.’
    • ‘The methodologies employed are not only made explicit, but discussed in some detail, albeit at times anecdotally.’
    • ‘At least one has even made explicit reference to the use of nuclear bombs, albeit as a retaliatory measure.’
    • ‘A narrative is implied, but never made explicit.’
    • ‘Although his condition is never made explicit, the Swindon teenager shows all the signs of having Asperger's.’
    • ‘It is not to my present purpose to consider how such an explicit definition of the notion of a sense-datum might be formulated.’
    • ‘It's clearly an explicit miscarriage of justice, and I'm glad to see that these young guys are being free.’
    • ‘Others make more explicit the objectives to which the government should devote itself.’
    • ‘During the initial days after the diagnosis, your patient or the parents may need very explicit instructions.’
    • ‘The ransom note is very explicit on what he's going to do.’
    • ‘I have explicit instructions not to share that with you right now.’
    • ‘A number of instructional texts make explicit reference to the difficulties of learning Thai.’
    • ‘In 2003 the Justice Minister gave his explicit consent for the adoption of 595 children.’
    • ‘You may use my personal information - but only with my explicit permission.’
    • ‘The contract with the writer is very explicit, he explains.’
    • ‘The area of this part can be found once we have an explicit description of its graph.’
    • ‘Plekhanov's program did not represent an explicit disavowal of socialist objectives.’
    • ‘Assumptions are explicit statements describing the present and future environment.’
    • ‘In this section, we describe these forms of explicit prejudice.’
    • ‘Taking examples from actual primary care practice, Launer presents the techniques in a clear, explicit fashion.’
    clear, direct, plain, obvious, straightforward, clear-cut, crystal clear, clearly expressed, easily understandable, blunt
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    1. 1.1(of a person) stating something in an explicit manner.
      ‘let me be explicit’
      • ‘He was not explicit but implied to me that most of the people were in some way connected with publishing or writing.’
      • ‘We were quite explicit in the consultation process that this would be one of the savings that would be made.’
      • ‘People fall in love all the time, but few professional athletes are so explicit in recounting the moment they met their soulmate 15 years earlier.’
      • ‘From the start, he was explicit about his modus operandi: We were to give him our program, and he would give us a design.’
      • ‘It would have helped had he been more explicit on this point.’
      • ‘His former colleagues were explicit in their condemnation.’
      • ‘Can you be explicit about whether you think a pull out of Australian troops would be a substantial damaging of the alliance?’
      • ‘It is important that scientists are explicit about the limitations of their work.’
      • ‘However, he was not explicit as to when and how a civil dictatorship could replace a military government and eventually be replaced by a democratic system.’
      • ‘The Spanish-dominant families were explicit about their concerns.’
      • ‘Fortunately, Alexander is more explicit elsewhere in his writings.’
      • ‘At the end of the book Toussaint moves toward post-development discourse, although he is not explicit about it.’
      • ‘The officials were very explicit at the select committee.’
      • ‘Henry was explicit about this in one of only two articles he published on decorative art while he was in Sydney.’
      • ‘If they were not explicit, it would certainly have been implied.’
      • ‘If you are explicit in the comment section of your order, I've found that they are pretty good.’
      • ‘Once we are explicit in the legislation, we can move away from that general reference to the principles of the treaty.’
      • ‘Now she was very explicit as to what her first choice still was, it was still revenge.’
      • ‘In fact, the Court is quite explicit on this point.’
      • ‘I think they've been very explicit about this for months.’
    2. 1.2Describing or representing sexual activity in a graphic fashion.
      ‘a sexually explicit blockbuster’
      • ‘They said they just felt that the explicit depiction of sexual activity and nudity was unacceptable.’
      • ‘I'd put an even more explicit photo on, except I'd have to put an Agecheck on my site!’
      • ‘He also described ‘a gay sexual encounter in explicit and derogatory terms’ from the pulpit.’
      • ‘Testimony also included description of explicit photographs that include the defendant in them.’
      • ‘The site includes explicit photography and detailed descriptions of sex acts.’
      • ‘There are often legal and other obstacles to using highly explicit videos in assessing sex offenders.’
      • ‘Pimping, hookers, all sexual acts and explicit language has been censored in the Australian version.’
      • ‘The explicit references to sexual perversions are not the best thing about the book, although they don't really do it much harm.’
      • ‘Her explicit accounts of her sexual journey developed into this fictionalised memoir.’
      • ‘The board objected to explicit scenes depicting sexual relations between a 15-year-old girl and an adult man.’
      • ‘This is erotic fiction complete with explicit language and sexual content.’
      • ‘There's no other way to describe him without using explicit language.’
      • ‘Any readers who are easily offended or who simply dislike explicit descriptions of sex should avoid this novel.’
      • ‘It was a very explicit, very descriptive story with a sex scene between Tristan and Ian.’
      • ‘He only read it because he heard there were some very explicit sexual situations in it.’
      • ‘The trilogy also introduced a far more explicit approach to the sexual nature of the vampire.’
      • ‘Do librarians have a right to a workplace reasonably free of sexually explicit materials?’
      • ‘The director's cut features a few fairly explicit scenes that didn't make it to U.S. theaters.’
      • ‘Do you think things have become too explicit today and thus less erotic?’
      • ‘Have today's films become too explicit in dealing with sex?’
      uncensored, unrestrained, unreserved, unrestricted, uninhibited, graphic
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  • The closing words of a manuscript, early printed book, or chanted liturgical text.

    Compare with incipit


Early 17th century (as an adjective): from French explicite or Latin explicitus, past participle of explicare ‘unfold’ (see explicate).